The Voices of Nuclear is an indepent citizen association of volunteers, with no economic, institutional, union or political ties.

Who are we ?

It was created in March 2018 with the aim of contributing to the recognition of nuclear energy as essential to the low-carbon energy transition, highlighting the contribution of nuclear energy to the human and environmental challenges facing our societies, individually and collectively, and finally to the reestablishment of the facts concerning this scientific and industrial sector.

We are volunteer citizens who, knowing the nuclear field or having come to know it, have been able to put into perspective and rationalize the elements, often fantasized, or conveyed about it.

We are not asking for exceptional treatment for nuclear, but neither do we want it to be the victim of fake news or political or ideological instrumentalization.

Obviously, we sympathize with the objective of a harmonious development of the nuclear industry in France and abroad, with the help of motivated and competent workers, in a regulatory framework and a rational and rigorous political context.

For which audience?

The general public, and therefore also its elected representatives or intermediaries (regulatory bodies, consumer associations, media) as well as supporters of the use of nuclear energy in the service of humanity and the planet. Our point of view is that of citizens in favour of the development of nuclear power generation. Our approach is informed and rigorous. We fully intend to be able to benefit from the contributions of this energy in the medium and long term. Nuclear power is essential for the energy transition and we want future generations to benefit from it. Our approach is neither a lobbyist nor a union, but a citizen-oriented one.

We participate in making the public aware of the recommendations of recognized organizations and scientists and we encourage their inclusion in public policies.
In particular, we share the recommendations and analyses of the IPCC: a significant increase in the share of nuclear power is necessary to combat climate change, and the main obstacle to its necessary development is its social acceptance.

Why the association?

Nuclear power has considerably reduced fuel poverty in France and is still our best defense against volatile energy prices. However, we note that nuclear energy is frequently the subject of false information and is used as a tool in political decision-making. This is a serious breach of what is a force to be reckoned with in the fight against global warming and environmental degradation, and in the face of future global economic and political shocks.

Electricity is the energy of the future: of digitalization, performance, cleanliness, independence, mobility, freedom, and the multiplication of uses. Provided it is available now, on a massive scale and without greenhouse gas or particulate emissions.

Let’s develop it!