Thank you and bravo to our nuclear plant operators !

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, our heartfelt thanks go to the operators of our nuclear and hydropower facilities that ensure continuity and security of electricity supply…

For or against nuclear ?

Monday evening, Frédéric Taddeï received Maxence Cordiez and Tristan Kamin - both administrators of the Voix du Nucléaire association - on the set of his...

Closure of Fessenheim: sorry for failing to do more, better and sooner…

Fessenheim nuclear plant is not stopped because it was too too old, or too dangerous. It was a strictly political decision, against the interests of a whole nation.

Can we overcome the fear of nuclear energy?

Overcoming it, which would open the way for rapid, significant advances, should be a priority, which is not now the case. The parties in charge of lifting these obstacles seem to have made them heavier.

Fusion, where are we now?

Fusion, where are we now?

We initiate a series on what constitutes the future of nuclear technology to which the whole industry contributes today. In this first volume, Greg De Temmerman, scientific coordinator at ITER, speaks about fusion.

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Low-carbon electricity in Europe

Low-carbon electricity in Europe

During the Saint Sylvester night, as Europe celebrated the upcomiing New Year, here is the reality of the carbon intensity of the energetic mix for each country. France, Sweden and Norway are still the lowest in carbon emissions…

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Goals of the Voices 

Restore the facts

Refocus the debate on the contributions of nuclear energy


Change the tone

They support nuclear energy

Closure of Fessenheim: sorry for failing to do more, better and sooner…

To the employees of the Fessenheim power station: Please accept our apologies...

Rally to protest the closure of Fessenheim

Background image source: Wikimédia commons. Montage Voices of Nuclear   A...

Stand up for Nuclear

On October 20, proponents of nuclear energy are mobilizing worldwide! Stand...

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You are part of the nuclear industry or you support it, and you want to participate in the re-establishment of facts about nuclear power and put it back at the center of the debate? Join us!


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