Stand up for Nuclear

Stand Up for Nuclear was held in Paris on Sunday 20 October, in the Châtelet area (Fontaine des Inocents). We celebrated one of mankind’s greatest sources of energy! ✊❤️ Thank you all for coming!

Nomination of Elisabeth Borne – our reaction

Voices of Nuclear welcomes the appointment of Elisabeth Borne, a public figure who has not openly criticized nuclear energy, as French environment/energy minister

Open letter to French delegates

The European Parliament voted for the exclusion of the nuclear energy from green investments. The Voices wrote to all the French delegates to encourage them to counter this decision…

Voices of Nuclear

Everywhere antinuclear sentiment exists and prevents populations and the planet from benefiting from nuclear power. Facts, expertise, a smile and a cool head to oppose obscurantism, ignorance and fear !

Pollution knows no frontier!

Poles plead with Germany to keep reactors running, for the environment’s sake. More than 100 scientists, intellectuals and activists have written an open letter…

The Voices Manifesto

We, the Voices of Nuclear, are a collective of citizens who support generating electricity with nuclear power because of the major ecological, economic and...

Nuclear Tour de France

The Nuclear Tour de France originated at Nuclear Pride Brussels last spring. NUCLEAR TOUR DE FRANCE told by Philippe Hansen, member of the Voices and worker in the nuclear.

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Nuclear Pride Fest in Brussels

Mission accomplished for the first Nuclear Pride Fest in Brussels ! After Munich (October 2018) and before Paris (coming on October 20, 2019), Brussels was #ThePlaceToBe !

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What’s going on at Amnesty ?

Amnesty International could consider a major change of direction, partially because of budget shortfalls. According to the Guardian in an article dated April 27, Amnesty Secretary General…

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Goals of the Voices 

Restore the facts

Refocus the debate on the contributions of nuclear energy


Change the tone

They support nuclear energy

Nuclear Tour de France

Nuclear Tour de France annonces Stand up for Nuclear in Paris 20 october at...

Join us

You are part of the nuclear industry or you support it, and you want to participate in the re-establishment of facts about nuclear power and put it back at the center of the debate? Join us!


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Merci pour votre soutien et à bientôt!

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