Voices of Nuclear


Partout où une opposition idéologique au nucléaire existe et empêche les populations et la planète d’en bénéficier,

Partout où les employés et les partisans de l’énergie nucléaire auront des faits, de l’expertise, le sourire et la tête froide pour s’opposer à l’obscurantisme, à l’ignorance et à la peur,

Avec les amis que nous nous sommes fait et les amis que nous allons nous faire,



I want to open a branch of the Voices in my country

What are the Voices?


The Voices aim to encourage supporters of nuclear energy, including employees of the nuclear sector, to express themselves and to step in the debate. Strictly sticking to facts, we provide them with motivation, tools and opportunities to make their voices heard, individually and collectively.

The Voices of Nuclear were born in France on May 20th, 2018.

6 days later, on May 26th 2018, the Voices were in Boston at the MIT for the Nuclear Communication Symposium organized by friends Energy for Humanity, in June in Madrid for the WNFC, in September in Amsterdam to cofound the Nuclear Pride Coalition (yeah Friends again!!) then in London for the WNA, in October in Munich for the 1st Nuclear Pride Fest, in November in London (again!) to work on joint governmental action on nuclear skills.

In April 2019, the Voices were in Brussels for the 2nd Nuclear Pride Fest and in May at the European Commission to not let the ground to the opposition in front of Europe’s youth.

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