What’s going on at Amnesty ?

Amnesty International could consider a major change of direction, partially because of budget shortfalls. According to the Guardian in an article dated April 27, Amnesty Secretary General Kumi Naidoo (who previously ran Greenpeace International from 2009 to 2015) plans to increase the NGO’s focus on climate change, as a component of the struggle for human rights. As he said in a message of support to the Extinction Rebellion movement as well as students demonstrating for climate change action, it’s time to “break away from old ideas that human rights are about some forms of injustice that people face, but not others”.
Some members are very concerned at suggestions that Amnesty is considering altering the fundamental direction of the organization.
Let us hope that Kumi Naidoo includes in his mission the injustice of unequal access to electricity rather than fighting against it. Today, because they have not enough electricity or none at all, millions of people have lesser chances than the rest of the world to accede to development, modern medicine, and longer life expectancy.
We will watch with interest for future announcements from Mr. Naidoo.

Source :  The Guardian




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