Newsletter October 2019

Great success for the first world Stand Up for Nuclear ! In 33 cities, in 22 countries, with Paris at the center ! At the Paris event hundreds of flyers about the nuclear and its impact were distributed, many conversations were held…

Newsletter June 2019

We are celebrating the arrival of the June newsletter with a topic that you have all heard about: the PNGMDR (National Plan for the Management of Radioactive Materials and Waste). Why? Because THE DEBATE IS SATURATED BY THE ANTI-NUCLEARS.

Newsletter May 2019

Dear Voices, members and supporters, dear Newcomers for whom this newsletter of the Voices is the first one! Among the many things that made this month of May remarkable, the most important one is without doubt the release of the international website…

Newsletter April 2019

The sustainability of Voices of Nuclear is at stake. And with it, the question of our usefulness … and even more so, that of the USEFULNESS OF ANY CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATION PROMOTING A POSITIVE AND FACTUAL VIEW ON NUCLEAR ENERGY.

Newsletter March 2019

Dear friends, When we try to explain - in the street, at a party, in a corridor, on Twitter, by email, on Facebook, at the dinner table, on the bus - that the objective of the Voices is to set the record straight on nuclear energy, in the best case, . . . And in the...

Newsletter February 2019

Dear all, There are no more seasons. The February Newsletter arrives in March! But we can't blame everything on climate change! And it's here just in time for a good cause because we can now announce the launch of our new website: It's splendid, it's reliable, it's...

Newsletter January 2019

Editorial by Myrto Tripathi  - January 2019 Interest in nuclear energy seems to be undergoing a revival. Have we only really noticed it since the launch of Les Voix du Nucléaire (Voices of Nuclear)? Are arbitrary threats against nuclear gaining in strength? Or are...

Newsletter Décember 2018

Chères Voix, chers sympathisants, 2018 aura été une grande année : nous sommes nés ! Mais nous, nous … qui nous ? Avant tout nous sommes des gens qui, ensemble, avons décidé que les enjeux entourant l’utilisation de l’énergie nucléaire étaient…

Newsletter November 2018

Newsletter des Voix : Dossier spécial PPE  - Novembre 2018 Chères Voix, Nous dédions cette newsletter à l'annonce très attendue qui a été faite la semaine dernière par le président Macron sur le décret de la Programmation Pluriannuelle de l’Energie (devant être...


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