Nuclear Pride Fest in Brussels

Mission accomplished for the first Nuclear Pride Fest in Brussels !   After Munich (October 2018) and before Paris (coming on October 20, 2019), Brussels was #ThePlaceToBe on Sunday April 28 for European environmentalists - the second #Nuclear Pride Fest. The...

What’s going on at Amnesty ?

Amnesty International could consider a major change of direction, partially because of budget shortfalls. According to the Guardian in an article dated April 27, Amnesty Secretary General…

Happy first birthday to the Voices !

Founded on March 20, 2018, our association, Voices of Nuclear, aims to set the record straight on nuclear energy, so that nuclear can deploy its major potential to the extent required. We call for a more objective consideration of the facts, without ideology and without dogmatism.

Even Americans are inspired by France’s electricity mix

Même les Américains s’étonnent que la France puisse produire de l’électricité décarbonée à un coût bien plus bas qu’en Allemagne ! L’ecologiste californien Michael Shellenberger a découvert comment et raconte son analyse dans un article publié le 5 février 2019 dans...


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