Rally to protest the closure of Fessenheim

NO to the closure of our climate citadels! If Fessenheim is to be a symbol, let it be that of the negligence of a few politicians against the stakes of a whole nation. On Saturday February 22nd, rally to defend it.

Low-carbon electricity in Europe

During the Saint Sylvester night, as Europe celebrated the upcomiing New Year, here is the reality of the carbon intensity of the energetic mix for each country…
France, Sweden and Norway are still, and by far, the lowest in carbon emissions…

Already 68 years of nuclear electricity!

68 years ago, on December 20, 1951, the first kilowatt-hour of nuclear energy was generated by EBR-I (Experimental Breeder Reactor I, the ancestor of today’s “Generation IV”). That day…

Nuclear Tour de France

The Nuclear Tour de France originated at Nuclear Pride Brussels last spring. NUCLEAR TOUR DE FRANCE told by Philippe Hansen, member of the Voices and worker in the nuclear.

Open letter to French delegates

The European Parliament voted for the exclusion of the nuclear energy from green investments. The Voices wrote to all the French delegates to encourage them to counter this decision…

Pollution knows no frontier!

Poles plead with Germany to keep reactors running, for the environment’s sake. More than 100 scientists, intellectuals and activists have written an open letter…

What’s going on at Amnesty ?

Amnesty International could consider a major change of direction, partially because of budget shortfalls. According to the Guardian in an article dated April 27, Amnesty Secretary General…


Grand dossier

Lettre ouverte aux nouveaux députés

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