Thank you and bravo to our nuclear plant operators !

Source : RTE

As France – like many countries in Europe and around the world – sinks deeper into the medical, economic and social emergency of the coronavirus pandemic, our heartfelt thanks go to the operators of our nuclear and hydropower facilities that ensure continuity and security of electricity supply.

Their devotion under difficult working conditions – EDF has triggered a formal plan to assure production with reduced work crews – keeps all but a few of our 57 power reactors running, providing steady power that allows continuity of essential social and economic activity :

  • hospital care under the best possible conditions,
  • basic public services
  • conservation of foodstuffs in the supply chain and in households,
  • a way to keep in touch with our loved ones and with the outside world,
  • education by the internet,
  • the possibility to work remotely,
  • the essential industrial and economic activities allowed within the framework of governmental measures,
  • dissemination of information and sharing of general orders.


Bravo to these everyday heroes, and good luck to everyone.




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