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Voices of Nuclear

This new citizens’ association aims to provide motivation, opportunities and resources for the expression of employees and supporters of the nuclear industry in all its components – whether industrial, medical or academic – and to enable them to transmit their pride in belonging to the French nuclear industry and the factual reasons which support it.

This initiative was born of the urgent need to restore people’s confidence in nuclear energy, an essential element in the fight against climate change, which must be promoted rather than discredited. Its driving conviction is that employees and supporters of the nuclear industry all have the legitimacy to be spokespersons of the industry and that the facts alone are more than sufficient to make their case.

Voices of Nuclear is an association of employees and sympathizers of the nuclear industry in the broad sense, independent of any economic, institutional, union or political attachment.

It was created in March 2018 by and for employees who, individually, wish to:

  • restore the pride in being players in an exceptional scientific and industrial sector
  • Participate in the re-establishment of facts
  • Position nuclear as an essential element of a low-carbon energy mix


The image of nuclear power today is so degraded, widespread and deeply entrenched, the media barrage is such, that few try, let alone manage, to take the floor to restore the facts and bring objectivity to the debate. It is, however, within the framework of the decree on the French national 10-year energy plan (PPE) that these debates will lead to decisions that will determine the nuclear sector’s prospects and, in fact, its chances of recovery.

Our objective is first of all to allow the employees of the sector to find and to assume a public message and then to encourage it being taken up by other parts of society (health, diplomacy, business, purchasing power, employment, environment) that, in turn, will be able to rely on it to publicly share the benefits that the nuclear industry brings them.


Our objectives are to restore for employees in the nuclear industry the motivation, the tools and the opportunities to make their voices heard and to assert their knowledge and expertise in the field.

The two messages on which this association is built, and the only ones to which its members commit themselves, are the following:

  • We are proud of the French nuclear industry and the role we play in it
  • We promote objective information about nuclear energy and facts as an antidote to fear

The more of us there are, the more this message passes, the more weight we bring to a favorable decision. There is little chance that we are too numerous, so let’s be united.

Il y a peu de chance que nous soyons trop nombreux, soyons donc unis.


If we are convinced of the absolute necessity of this effort, it is because we, members of Voices of Nuclear, know the French nuclear industry, from the inside. We know its qualities as well as its axes of improvement, its strengths as well as its weaknesses. We know above all that it does not need any measure of exception or interventionism to succeed, but a normal framework based on reestablishment of the facts in public opinion by taking back a public voice and a role it allowed to be confiscated. We know that the economy, competitiveness, environmental commitments, France’s future on the world stage, rest directly and indirectly on that industry.

Because if the difficulties of the industry are real, many of them result from a disastrous image transmitted to the general public over a long time and on the wrong premises. In our societies, this massive disinformation becomes denial of democracy and, for the industry, a direct and concrete handicap.

Electricity is the energy of the future: digitalization, performance, cleanliness, independence, mobility, freedom and the multiplication of uses – provided it is available now, massively and without emissions of greenhouse gases and particles. That is possible in France, thanks to nuclear power and thanks to its skilled workers, spread nationwide. 230,000 workers in the sector, 1 million jobs, an activity of high added value, industrial, that can’t be sent abroad.

Let’s develop it!



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