Newsletter October 2019

Great success for the first world
Stand Up for Nuclear !


In 33 cities in 22 countries, with Paris at the center !



At the Paris edition, which welcomed the team from Environmental Progress [the organizers], we were able to distribute several hundred flyers on nuclear power and its impacts in France and in Europe, and to meet passers-by with whom we had dozens of conversations.

The edition brought together supporters of all ages and all backgrounds, industry players as well as supporters of various nationalities, all convinced of the importance of maintaining and developing the world’s nuclear electricity generation capacity.

Lessons Learned from REX

We in the nuclear industry, it must be said, are known as champions of Experience Feedback, known as REX in French…

Given that our requirements are unreasonably high and that we are not very good at cleverly communicating our half-successes, when a project “does not go as it should,” we say, “learn from it!” [and we aim to do it better next year, we hope ].

This time, we will be in charge, under pressure – so those among you who want to make comments and suggestions, do not hesitate to make yourselves known, and to participate of course!


A brief-illustrated look back on the French edition of Stand Up for Nuclear




Proposed date for next year : September 20, 2020 !
Aha, rain, gotcha !



We’re going to train using “Alexandrie Alexandra” [a famous French pop song] (click here for the words)

Also, with a refrain to the tune of Gilbert Montagné’s “On va s’aimer”, another famous hit! (click for the karaoke)

We’re going to love each other
The industry, the atom and the French
Let’s save the climate together, the air, the sea, the fields
We’re going to love each other
At Gravelines, at Nogent, at Civaux
We’re going to love each other at Saint Laurent des Eaux
To fission ever, ever stronger
Where the atom’s fine, oh oh oh




We must congratulate the reactivity of the interviewer (Jean-Philippe Brette) – nice job ! because if you’re interviewing Tristan you’d better be on your toes, he doesn’t lose time : presence of mind and a fast output please and thank you ! Good luck to whoever is in the interviewer’s seat next time – probably a good idea to have note cards.

View the interview with Tristan Kamin.

See here all the interviews conducted during the Stand Up.



We had three of them !!! and we found people to fill them with ! Congratulations and thank you to those who devoted themselves – it appears that at least it’s dry and warm inside . Maybe we can even have them travel between now and the next Stand Up edition? Fessenheim? The climate demonstrations? Other ideas?


A note for later : read the text before agreeing to translate it “live”  …
View the minutes :
– from 8:12 to 9:32 : renewable energy sources
– from 14:48 to 16:05 : ah Paris !

See the vidéo



And then there were the masses, the people and the people, the big demonstration by unions and bosses together – the whole darn lobby  !

Thank you all who came and participated!


See you next year !

Tools and supports

Find all the elements, supports and tools of the Stand Up.




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