Newsletter March 2019

Dear friends,

When we try to explain – in the street, at a party, in a corridor, on Twitter, by email, on Facebook, at the dinner table, on the bus – that the objective of the Voices is to set the record straight on nuclear energy,

in the best case,

we get this...


or this…


or this…


And in the worst case, it’s often this…    (I know, I do it good). wink


Why? Because “people” have come to accept as facts the arguments of nuclear’s opponents, arguments that are complacently and perpetually repeated by most of the mainstream media – actually, in good faith.

For the non-specialist, then, “wanting to set the record straight” on nuclear energy looks more like an exercise bordering on misinformation or conspiracy, which is in any case amply financed by the nuclear industry (?!!!!) to serve its own shady interests.

The reasons?

[ [By the way: we dreeeam of being financed by the nuclear industry, pleeease. For example, “bio” gas (with a higher carbon footprint than natural gas) has gone from zero media coverage in June 2018 to omnipresence and a government pledge of nearly €13 billion by 2028 thanks to this type of initiative.]

That’s why we felt the need to clarify, to set out even more clearly the vision and purpose of our association, by starting a series of briefs on “the little-known realities of nuclear energy”.

Of course, others have tried before us. But nothing says we can’t succeed…

So for you, first and exclusively, here is our message !


PS: The extra little something that makes a big difference

As words are only words until accompanied by deeds, we invite you, we encourage you to join us at the Carrefour de l’Europe, opposite the Central Station (Gare Centrale) in Brussels, for the 2nd Nuclear Pride Fest on Sunday 28 April, from 10am to 4pm.

Help us tell the Belgian leaders and people about the great benefits of maintaining Belgium’s reliable and carbon-free nuclear power generating capacity.   

For more information, to join us, or to offer your help, contact  Henri Zaccai (

In the name of the Voices team




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