French delegates to whom the letter was sent

List of French parliamentarians elected this year to the European Parliament, who have received the Open Letter from Voices of Nuclear regarding the European Taxonomy of Green Investments

Our Open Letter was sent by personal email to each of the newly elected French members of the European Parliament (MEPs). You might consider adding your own voice to that of the “Voices” with a personal, cordial and polite email to those MEPs whom you particularly wish to encourage on this matter.



Mme Nathalie Loiseau    –
Mme Marie-Pierre Vedrenne   –
M. Jérémy Decerle   –
Mme Catherine Chabaud   –
M. Stéphane Séjourné   –
Mme Fabienne Keller   –
M. Bernard Guetta   –
Mme Irène Tolleret   –
M. Stéphane Bijoux   –
Mme Sylvie Brunet   –
M. Gilles Boyer   –
Mme Stéphanie Yon-Courtin   –
M. Pierre Karleskind   –
Mme Laurence Farreng   –
M. Dominique Riquet   –
Mme Véronique Trillet-Lenoir   –
Mme Valérie Hayer   –
M. Christophe Grudler   –
Mme Chrysoula Zacharopoulou   –




M. François-Xavier Bellamy    –
Mme Agnès Evren    –
M. Arnaud Danjean    –
Mme Nadine Morano    –
M. Brice Hortefeux    –
Mme Nathalie Colin-Oesterle    –
M. Geoffroy Didier    –
Mme Anne Sander    –


Envie d’Europe


M. Raphaël Glucksmann    –
Mme Sylvie Guillaume    –
M. Eric Andrieu    –
Mme Aurore Lalucq    –
M. Pierre Larrouturou    –




M. Jordan Bardella    –
Mme Hélène Laporte    –
M. Thierry Mariani    –
Mme Dominique Bilde    –
M. Hervé Juvin    –
Mme Joëlle Mélin    –
M. Nicolas Bay    –
Mme Virginie Joron    –
M. Jean-Paul Garraud    –
Mme Catherine Griset    –
M. Gilles Lebreton    –
Mme Maxette Pirbakas-Grisoni    –
M. Jean-François Jalkh    –
Mme Aurélia Beigneux    –
M. Gilbert Collard    –
Mme Julie Lechanteux    –
M. Philippe Olivier    –
Mme Anika Bruna    –
M. Jérôme Rivière    –
Mme France Jamet    –
M. André Rougé    –
Mme Mathilde Androuet    –




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