In 2019*, from the beginning of the year up to this day in that year, all world nuclear power plants generated enough energy to supply low-carbon electricity (12 gCO2eq/kWh) to


French households during 1 year

(equivalent of 0 MWh)

If this electricity had been produced from , it would have caused the emission of greenhouse gases equivalent to those of



additional vehicles
in circulation

(equivalent of 0 tonnes of CO2eq)

Furthermore, this same electricity produced
from would have been
responsible for


premature deaths


(0.deaths/TWh, while the human toll of nuclear power and of modern renewable energy sources is below 0.1)

Sources: IPCC, IAEA, Our world in Data, EDF, INSEE
*: IAEA 2019 free access data
Fusion et fission : un avenir commun

Fusion et fission : un avenir commun

Les liens entre ces deux procédés – permettant de convertir l’énergie des noyaux atomiques en énergie utilisable – sont encore ténus mais se développent avec la construction d’ITER.

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